Our collections cover material from four distinct periods:

  1. Polynesian Settlement: 700 - 1500
  2. First Settlement (penal): 1788 - 1814
  3. Second Settlement (penal): 1825 - 1855
  4. Third Settlement (HMAV Bounty mutineer descendants from Pitcairn Island): 1856 to present.

We have three Collections:

  • HMS Sirius - Approximately 3,000 Sirius artefacts were recovered off the reef at Slaughter Bay. They are now the HMS Sirius Collection, the most significant display of First Fleet cultural heritage held anywhere in Australia and its Territories.
  • KAVHA - This collection compromises over 14,000 artefacts recovered from World Heritage Listed Kingston and Arthur's Vale Heritage Area (KAVHA). This collection primarily tells our convict stories.
  • Norfolk Island Museum Trust - Norfolk since 1856 is told through the objects in this Collection. They have come from HMAV Bounty, Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands and combine to tell of the Islanders unique history and living culture.