In the former Royal Engineers Office beside the Kingston Pier.

The Royal Engineers Office (R.E.O.), built during the Second Settlement, is the Museum book, souvenir and refreshment shop. It is also the venue for our changing short term displays. Browse through our comprehensive and exclusive range of books on Norfolk Island’s history, or pick up that special and unique souvenir to take home. The R.E.O. is where you meet to join in the Tag-A-Long tours from Monday to Saturday. Museum and Cemetery Tour tickets can all be purchased here.

The R.E.O. is generally the starting point in Kingston.

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Norfolk Island Cookery Book, with Local Words and Phrases - $9.50


This little book contains Norfolk's choicest recipes and other specially selected ones. A little gem of a book and one of Norfolk's best sellers!

Mais Letl Norf’k Buk - $20.00


This delightful booklet in Norf’k and English language uses photographs and family stories to teach the language and the culture of Norfolk.

Speshal Diehs orn Norf'k - $20.00


Written in both Norf’k and English, this wonderful little book uses photographs and stories centred around special holidays and celebrations on Norfolk Island.

Swallowed by the Sea - $45.00


Swallowed by the Sea tells the stories of Australia’s greatest and most tragic shipwrecks, lost in raging storms, on jagged reefs, under enemy fire, or through human error, treachery or incompetence.

Maritime archaeologist Graeme Henderson has personally located and dived many of the shipwrecks in this book. Alongside historical paintings and photographs of original objects, the book includes colour underwater photographs of the dive sites and explains how each ship was wrecked and discovered, and what remains of the wrecks today.

1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet - $28.00


In 1788, 11 small ships set sail from England on an eight-month-long voyage over rough seas, carrying 1,500 people, food for two years, and all the equipment needed to build a colony of convicts in a new land. The journey itself was one of unbearable hardship, but also of extraordinary resilience. This entrancing history brings the sights, sounds, sufferings, and joys of the “First Fleeters” back to life. Journals, letters, reports, and pleas to England are all interwoven here with the author's own insight, and together they convey the innermost horrors and joys of the very first European Australians

The First Fleet - $25.00


The First Fleet tells the extraordinary story of the eighteenth century convoy of eleven ships that left England on 13 May 1787 for the 'lands beyond the seas'. Aboard were seafarers, convicts, marines, and a few good citizens - some 1300 in all - who had been consigned to a virtually unknown land on the opposite side of the world where they would establish a penal colony, and a nation.

Search For the Sirius DVD - $25.00


This 20 minute production tells the story of the recovery of objects off the reef during the official expeditions throughout the 1980s. Excerpts of this footage are seen in the ‘Expeditions’ section of this site. Highly recommended.

The First Fleet 1788 Poster - $3.00


This easy to read poster provides the names of the ships of the First Fleet together with the names of crew, convicts and officials on board. A must for any descendant of the First Fleet.

The Commandants: The Tyrants Who Ruled Norfolk Island - $14.00


Britts graphically depicts the impressions made by the succession of brutal Commandants who made the name of Norfolk Island notorious around the world.

Elizabeth Robertson’s Diary, Norfolk Island 1845 - $23.00


Women living on Norfolk Island during the two convict periods remain shadowy figures, however this book of diary extracts reveals daily life as experienced by Elizabeth Robertson, the daughter of the Superintendent of Agriculture at Longridge. A fascinating account.