In the former Royal Engineers Office beside the Kingston Pier.

The Royal Engineers Office (R.E.O.), built during the Second Settlement, is the Museum book, souvenir and refreshment shop. It is also the venue for our changing short term displays. Browse through our comprehensive and exclusive range of books on Norfolk Island’s history, or pick up that special and unique souvenir to take home. The R.E.O. is where you meet to join in the Tag-A-Long tours from Monday to Saturday. Museum and Cemetery Tour tickets can all be purchased here.

The R.E.O. is generally the starting point in Kingston.

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Ghosts of Norfolk Island - $19.00

Spirits abound on Islands, and Norfolk is no exception. A collection of stories recited to the authors of sightings, experiences or simply the feeling of being in the presence of out of this world spirits. Do you believe in ghosts??

Convict Kingston - $20.00

The  historic buildings and ruins of Kingston were silent witnesses to events which took place many years before any of us were born. Within this book are the stories of suffering,romance, birth, death, deceit, murder, laughter, sorrow, deprivation, joy, callous cruelty and compassion.

The Pacific War 1941 - 1945 and Norfolk Island - $21.00

Almost no place on earth was untouched by the events of World War II and Norfolk Island was no exception. Gil’s history is a fascinating account of events during that time – not just in terms of earthworks, gun emplacements and aircraft, but in terms of the people of Norfolk Island and those who came to help them.

Caps - 2 designs to choose from. - $20.00

A great gift idea or buy for yourself if you are a collector of caps. Two designs to choose from: Sirius Anchor motif or the Museum logo. Both are in black and have Norfok Island Museum printed on the back.

Paradise in Chains - $37.00

The Bounty Mutiny and the Founding of Australia. “History at its best: lively, vivid, and thorough. Diana Preston delivers that rare combination of incredible research with clear writing to produce a book that holds your attention and makes you want to keep reading.”

Teddies 2 sizes available - $16.50

Unique to the Norfolk Island Museums are these beautifully handcrafted individual Teddies made with love by “The Mother Of Teds.”No two are the same and the production is ongoing. Each comes with their own naming tag (for you to decide) and instructions for following on Facebook. Join the Norfolk Ted Family today and share your adventures. Great mates for any age.(Photo shows example of 2 available – there are more choices) Small $12  large $16.50

Mutiny on the Bounty - $25.00

From the author of “The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas” comes the story of pickpocket John Jacob Turnstile who is offered a lifeline when he becomes personal valet to captain William Bligh on board the HMS Bounty – destination Tahiti. Turnstiles life is turned upside down when he finds himself in a no-man’s land where the distinction between friend and foe is increasingly difficult to determine…..

Beth - The Story of a Child Convict - $21.50

This moving tale, illustrated with beautifully crafted and evocative artwork, was inspired by the life of Elizabeth Hayward, the youngest female convict on the First Fleet.

The Ship Thieves - $28.00

The amazing tale and unfortunate life of James Porter – Australian convict, pirate and master mariner who along with nine other convicts captured the newly launched brig the Frederick and made their way to Valdivia, on the coast of Chile – 6000 miles away on the other side of the Pacific.

The Floating Brothel - $28.00

The Extraordinary true story of female convicts bound for Botany Bay on board the Lady Julian. Each sailor was entitled to take a woman – an arrangement which brought privileges to the woman as well as relief for the man but also oftern resulted in true love stories and the birth of children. Sian Rees casts a new light on an important and under-documented facet of Australia's history.