In the former Royal Engineers Office beside the Kingston Pier.

The Royal Engineers Office (R.E.O.), built during the Second Settlement, is the Museum book, souvenir and refreshment shop. It is also the venue for our changing short term displays. Browse through our comprehensive and exclusive range of books on Norfolk Island’s history, or pick up that special and unique souvenir to take home. The R.E.O. is where you meet to join in the Tag-A-Long tours from Monday to Saturday. Museum and Cemetery Tour tickets can all be purchased here.

The R.E.O. is generally the starting point in Kingston.

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Incredible! Phillip Island, South Pacific - $23.50


This is the story of Phillip Island and the wonderful improvement in its condition during the last thirty-plus years. It talks about the island in a geographical, historical and conservational perspective. A unique book and a very interesting read!

Norfolk Island... The Birds - $24.00


This book is the only complete reference guide to Norfolk's birds – extinct, endemic, landbirds, resident species, seabirds and non-breeding visitors and vagrants.

Norfolk Island (photography book) - $59.00


This book is Ian Rolfe's latest publication. It's a celebration of Norfolk Island - a landscape photographers dream - and includes a comprehensive description of the Islands history and Ian's favourite locations. With a total of 140 photographs spread over 168 pages, this makes for a wonderful piece of Norfolk memorabilia.

Over the Horizon - $5.00


The only guide that covers the pre- European Polynesian settlement of Norfolk Island. Also included are Polynesian voyaging in the Pacific and evidence of settlement through archaeology.

Mutiny on Board HMS Bounty - $18.50


This edition brings together Captain Bligh's account of the mutiny, reponses from the lawyer, Edward Christian (the brother of the mutineer, Fletcher Christian), and contradictory testimonies from Bounty crew members. In his Foreward, Pete Goss describes his own experience of a collapse of captain-crew relations as he explores the grey areas surrounding the mutiny on the Bounty.

Pitcairn Tapa - $25.00


There is an untold chapter to the Bounty story – it begins here. The tapa cloth of Pitcairn Island illuminates the forgotten story of the Polynesian women of HMAV Bounty. In French and English.

Government House Norfolk Island - $35.00

The Government House that stands today is actually the fourth Government House that was built during the colonial period. This book gives a detailed account of this unique and historic building, and helps brings to focus the rich history of the island since the First Settlement in 1788. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this book go directly back to local charity's on the island.

A Street Guide – Quality Row, Kingston, Norfolk Island - $11.00


This guide provides an overview to life in the buildings and houses along historic Quality Row, from 1788 to the arrival of the Pitcairn Descendants in 1856.

Norfolk Island Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area – Our Heritage A Documentary, DVD - $28.00


This authoritative 78 minute documentary chronicles the legacy of settlements in Kingston and should be viewed by anyone who desires a greater understanding of Norfolk Island and it’s settlements. Made for the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area.

Freemen and Convicts: A Collection of Signes in the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area - $25.00

The KAVHA Board has undertaken a program to install interpretive signage throughout the historical area. This book therefore incorporates the information in the signs as well as material gathered as part of the overall research process.