In the former Royal Engineers Office beside the Kingston Pier.

The Royal Engineers Office (R.E.O.), built during the Second Settlement, is the Museum book, souvenir and refreshment shop. It is also the venue for our changing short term displays. Browse through our comprehensive and exclusive range of books on Norfolk Island’s history, or pick up that special and unique souvenir to take home. The R.E.O. is where you meet to join in the Tag-A-Long tours from Monday to Saturday. Museum and Cemetery Tour tickets can all be purchased here.

The R.E.O. is generally the starting point in Kingston.

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Alias Blind Larry - $40.00

The mostly true memoir of James Laurence – ‘The Singing Convict’. Born in London in 1793, the son of a diamond cutter, young James Laurence travelled to Jamaica, the USA and Canada, clerking, acting, impersonating, singing, forging and defrauding before being transported to NSW in 1814 for jewel theft. He wrote his memoir on Norfolk Island in 1842, just before his release and it is mostly true!

Child Convicts - $20.00

Children in 18th century Britain were tried in court like adults – some as young as nine were transported to colonies. One of these child convicts would become the 1st person hanged in Australia, another would be celebrated on our $20 note and a third would count a future prime minister as a descendant. Their story is one of survival and nation- building. Their story is the story of Australia.

The Luck of the Irish - $35.00

The luck of the Irish was chronic bad luck, as their sad history attests. That’s how it looked for 250 Irish convicts when their ship, the Hive, sank ignominiously off the New South Wales coast in 1835. Miraculously all survived, guided to safety by local Aboriginal people. A terrific account of the convict experience, mainly from the bottom up.

Longitude - $22.00

The True Story of a lone genius – John Harrison – who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time ‘longitude’. A true- life thriller, jam-packed with political intrigue, international warfare, personal feuds and financial skulduggery.

Sextant - $28.00

‘An excellent present for anyone even vaguely interested in the stars, or the history of exploration, or sailing small boats over big oceans, or come to think of it anyone at all. And buy a copy for yourself while you’re about it’

Bligh Master Mariner - $25.00

There's a lot more to Captain Bligh than mutiny, rum, convicts and his infamous bad temper. Written with sympathy and admiration, this is a rich and forceful story.

Mutiny, Mayhem, Mythology - $34.00

Bounty’s Enigmatic Voyage. Frost looks past inherited narratives to shed new light on the infamous expedition and its significance. He shows how gaps, misconceptions and hidden agendas crept into the historical record and have shaped it ever since.

William Bligh - a stormy story of tempestuous times. - $22.00

Both author and illustrator have brought the tempestuous story of William Bligh to life in this superb history book, which informs, intrigues and involves the reader by asking questions and upturning incorrect facts and prejudices.

Captain James Cook - $31.00

A biography that puts you on the quarterdeck with History’s greatest sailor. ‘A big bountiful read, this is one for lovers of history, adventure and sailing.’

While I can still remember..Norfolk Island - $32.00

Lone Pine, a 650 year-old Norfolk Island pine, stands on a limestone cliff on Norfolk Island. At the base of its trunk a sapling – Piali – clings to the cliff as fierce storms threaten to destroy it. Lone Pine’s memory is fading and time is running out for Piali to take in the stories that have occupied Lone Pine for centuries. “Anybody reading this will come away enriched, entertained and absolutely acquainted with a fascinating history told in a lively, compelling manner.”