In the former Royal Engineers Office beside the Kingston Pier.

The Royal Engineers Office (R.E.O.), built during the Second Settlement, is the Museum book, souvenir and refreshment shop. It is also the venue for our changing short term displays. Browse through our comprehensive and exclusive range of books on Norfolk Island’s history, or pick up that special and unique souvenir to take home. The R.E.O. is where you meet to join in the Tag-A-Long tours from Monday to Saturday. Museum and Cemetery Tour tickets can all be purchased here.

The R.E.O. is generally the starting point in Kingston.

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Hell and Paradise - $45.00


This beautifully produced book is the perfect coffee table book, packed with illustrations and photographs. It explores the story of Norfolk Island from its discovery by Captain Cook, its life as the world’s most abominable penal colony, to settlement by the descendants of the Bounty

A Place for Angels and Eagles: The Story of Norfolk Island - $15.00


This Norfolk Island Museum produced book provides a concise and very readable overview of the four settlements on Norfolk Island. The Polynesians came and went, the French came and went, the convicts came and went, but the Pitcairn Islanders came and stayed... discover the unique story of Norfolk Island with this book.

Norfolk Island: A Revised and Enlarged History 1774 – 1998 - $28.00


Now in it’s fifth edition, this is an authoritative account of the Island’s fascinating history. Merval Hoare was a resident of Norfolk Island for over 50 years and her deep interest in the island’s history and conservation has resulted in this definitive work.

Rambler's Guide to Norfolk Island - $17.00


A very comprehensive and easy-to-read guide on Norfolk Island. Contains many interesting facts, as well as numerous maps and images. A great little buy for all!

Ucklun's Norf'k: Words as a Memory of Our Past - $20.00


Newly released this booklet documents the history of Norfolk Island through the words of the Norf'k language. Words of any language are a memory of how speakers make the world around them hoem 'home'. Keeping alive the words used by past generations can help today's Norfolk islanders maintain the link with their history. All proceeds from the sale of this book are given to the Museum to further language displays.

Norfolk Island Placenames - $10.00


Discover the origins of some of Norfolk's well-loved, humorous, and most infamous placenames. Learn about how Norf'k, the Norfolk Island language, is used in naming places. A great way to find out more about this beautiful island.

Norfolk Island Book - $26.00


This hard cover book has a collection of photographs capturing the atmosphere and unique character of Norfolk island. It is the ideal book for every visitor to Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island with Lisle DVD - $30.00


A 40 minute DVD covering Norfolk Island's beautiful scenery and fascinating history. This DVD is presented by a Norfolk Islander, so gives a personal insight into the island.

Norfolk Island South Pacific - $14.00


This full colour booklet is more than a postcard book – it also provides information on all areas across the island.

The Pacific War 1941-1945 and Norfolk Island - $21.00


There was almost no place in the world untouched by the events of WWII and Norfolk was no exception. This thoroughly researched book tells of the effect at the time as well as the lasting impact of opening up the island to the rest of the world through the building of a runway for the allied forces.